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Garage Flooring and Other Floor Coating Services by Garage Kings

Get Awesome! – Floor Coating Services Across North America

A Garage Kings floor coating begins with a simple choice.

Are you here looking for some help with a concrete floor project? It’s an awesome feeling when you have a unique and seamless floor coating installed by Garage Kings. Security, beauty, and durability.

Here’s a snippet on each service we can provide for you.

Clicking the services below will take you to a dedicated page for each service. Look around, feel free to ask questions or call us anytime, and get inspired!

The flake floor can be installed inside or out, and is perfect for installing over concrete and plywood.

The solid epoxy and decorative marbled floor can be installed on any interior concrete and plywood subfloors.

Signature Polyaspartic Flake Floor

If you’re considering a commercial grade floor coating for your garage, or pretty much anywhere, you owe it to yourself to look at the Signature Polyaspartic Flake Floor.

Epoxy Floor

The Garage Kings Solid Epoxy Floor is perfect for the functional and budget conscious garage floor. It has grit, so it’s both super easy to clean, anti-slip, and looks great.

Decorative Marbled Epoxy Floor

Need something a little more you? The decorative marbled epoxy floor is literally art on your floor. You pick the colors, you pick the effects, and we create the floor.

Here’s some more ideas for projects you will love!

Garage Flooring

JAPANESE色系VERSION在线观看 JAPANESE色系VERSION无 ,陀枪师姐4在线观看 陀枪师姐4无删减 琪琪看片网There is nothing like the feeling of coming home to a garage that makes you feel inspired by your home. Durable, beautiful, and super easy to keep clean. These industrial grade floor coatings are perfect to transform your garage from a storage space into a comfortable and sleek space, whether you use it for work or play.

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Concrete Floor Sealing

Looking for a budget friendly answer to dusty and difficult to clean concrete flooring? A simple grind and seal can get you what you are looking for. It will keep the dust down, prevent staining, and make for easy cleanup. Depending on your concrete, it can look pretty cool too!

Concrete Resurfacing for Steps, Porches and Walkways

First impressions matter, and for most homes the first impression (other than the mailbox) is the front step. Whether you’re improving your home for you or getting ready to sell in a competitive market, resurfacing your steps or porch will give you the curb appeal boost you are looking for. You’ll replace your beat up, weathered, cracked concrete step with something attractive, durable, and anti-slip, all at a cost that won’t have you running for the hills.

Repair and Resurfacing for Concrete Pool Surrounds and Concrete Pool Decks

We know there are a ton of options when it comes to resurfacing your concrete pool surround. The Garage Kings Signature Flake Floor is a great fit at an attractive price point. You’ll get to choose a flake blend that fits your backyard theme

Residential Decorative Epoxy Flooring

Building a new home? You can have an elegant, decorative floor finish for your entire home or condo. You’ll be able to create a custom look combining the exact colors you want for your individual taste and decor! Subtle and timeless. Bold and extravagant. Marbled or metallic epoxy techniques like these will surprise and delight you!

Buying new or renovating? If your plywood subfloor is good enough for tile, you can have beautiful, seamless flooring installed by Garage Kings. Choose a flake, solid epoxy, or decorative marbled epoxy floor.

Commercial Flooring

A cost effective and attractive floor that will last? Sounds like too much to ask, and that’s exactly what Garage Kings floor coatings can do for you.

Floors for restaurants, retail and more. Showroom floors and automotive floors. Floors in office buildings or common areas in apartment buildings and hotels. Gym floors and lab floors. Manufacturing facility floors.

Municipal Washroom Floors

Yep. Nothing like a floor that will last and your staff can keep looking clean with minimal effort. Get a great floor for your commercial washroom space.

Trampoline Park Floor – Orange and Glow

This client wanted a standout floor that fit the brand. The floor had to create a feeling for every person that comes in. You are going to have a good time here!

It’s bright orange, and glows in the dark and under black light. Wild and on brand.

Unique Commercial Floor Ideas

We love creating unique floor systems that fit your brand to a tee. Logos, special effects, and more. We’ve done glow in the dark, safety glow, florescent glow.

We haven’t done an underlit floor yet – maybe you’ll be the first.

You name it. If you need a seamless, cost effective, easy to clean and durable floor, give us a call. We’ll make it our mission to make you glad you did!

Solving Unique Flooring Problems

If you’re facing something we haven’t covered yet and aren’t sure what to do. Chances are we can help. If you have a floor and need a unique solution, give us a call. Here’s just a few of the unique flooring problems we’ve been able to help with:

The problem: this custom cabinet manufacturing plant uses carts to move completed doors from one side of the facility to the other. Cracks and pits in the aging floor were causing the cart to jostle and the doors to be scratched. Scratched doors needed to be refinished before they could be shipped out. This was a costly problem solved by a simple and cost effective solution.

The problem: The current vinyl floor was collecting pet urine and causing a lingering odor. It wasn’t bonded well to the concrete in some areas and moisture from cleaning supplies and other liquids was getting through, absorbing into the concrete, and also causing the floor to peel.

This is not an ordinary man cave. It’s attached to a commercial office rental and vehicle storage space for the busy automotive enthusiast. Doctors, lawyers and businesspeople that love cars work and chill here. Mostly chill.

The problem: Old tiles laid on old plywood. Attempting to remove them would lead to extensive repair work, redoing the subfloor entirely. The client wanted a solution that could eliminate that step and still provide a durable floor.

The problem: The walk in freezer couldn’t be shut off, so concrete repairs and installation of a new coating needed to be done in below freezing temperatures. We used a rapid cure epoxy slurry for repairs and coated the floor with fast cure water based epoxy. No problems.

The problem: caustic cleaning chemicals are necessary to keep the 24 hour milking robot sterile and safe. The existing vinyl flooring was failing due to these chemicals. Also, the robot couldn’t be shut down for longer than 2 hours without incurring significant revenue losses.

The process was completed, including surface prep, cleaning, drying the slab with a torch, and applying 2 coats of rapid cure epoxy. All within a 2 hour period. When the robot was turned back on, the floor held up and continues to hold up to the cleaning chemicals.


Is it time to upgrade your floor?

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